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Duane Arnold Nuclear Energy Center 
  • DEMCO was contracted to provide skilled instrument and control technicians to test, calibrate, and replace components integral to the function of critical and sensitive systems throughout the complex.
  • This work was accomplished as part of an accelerated critical path outage
FPL - Cedar Bay Generating Plant Demolition 
  • Salvage and recovery of equipment for resale.
  • Removal, handling, and disposal of hazardous and regulated materials.
  • Demolition of 250 MW power plant, including baghouse structures, 3 coal-fired boiler units, 425 ft tall stack, and turbine structure.
  • Demolition of
General Electric Labor Support 
  • The plant includes two, natural gas fueled, GE 7H combined-cycle power blocks for a total maximum net rated electrical output of 775 MW. This marks the first installed application of the H System gas turbine technology in a 60 Hz machine, as well as the first installation in the
Turkey Point Nuclear Power Station 
  • Contracted to safely segment, size reduce, and package radiological contaminated steel comprising all of the vessels, mechanical and electrical systems, and structural supports for the Unit 3 & Unit 4 Clarifier/Demineralization systems.
  • Work was performed inside the protected area
Yankee Rowe 
  • Contracted by Yankee Atomic Electric Company to provide complete decommissioning & demolition services of the Yankee Rowe Atomic Power Station, located in Rowe, Massachusetts. The 600-megawatt, pressurized-water reactor and plant support structures, constructed in 1960, was the third
Yankee Stadium Demolition 
  • Performed asbestos abatement and universal waste removal throughout the stadium, prior to demolition.
  • Removed all stadium lighting, prior to demolition.
  • Obtained variance to NYC Building Code to Cut & Pull sections of stadium weighing up to 500 tons each, some of which
Air Force Plant 59 
  • Complete abatement and demolition of the over 600,000 square foot facility.
  • Sorted, loaded and disposed of approximately 48,000 yards of waste material.
  • Demolished 163,000 square foot condemned section of the building which contained both friable and non-friable asbestos
Mount Sinai Medical Center Cyclotron 
  • Complete demolition of radiologically contaminated cyclotron building.
  • Demolition and size reduction of over 1,000 CY of radioactive concrete debris.
  • Transportation and disposal of approximately 2,000 tons of radioactive material.
  • Coordination with hospital
Santee Cooper Jefferies Generating Station 
  • Asbestos abatement of entire facility.
  • Complete demolition of 4 coal fired generation units totaling 346 MW.
  • Demolition is estimated to produce 16,500 tons of scrap steel and an estimated 14,000 cubic yards of concrete.
  • Full site restoration, including the placement
Ford DAP D&D 
  • Performed abatement oversight for 40,000 linear feet of pipe insulation, 10,000 square feet of duct insulation and 30,000 square feet of VAT and tank insulation.
  • Removed all universal and hazardous wastes, including PCBs, ballasts and mercury switches.
  • Removed and disposal
FPL Putnam Plant Abatement & Demolition 
Phase 1
  • Asbestos abatement.
  • Hazardous & regulated materials removal (PCBs, sulfuric acid, mercury).
  • Recovery of sellable assets

Phase 2
  • Demolition of 6 combined cycle (natural gas, coal, fuel oil) 500 MW power generation units, including boilers,
  • Project oversight and skilled labor support for the reactor demolition at the Buffalo Medical Research Center, which was located at the center of an operational university.
  • Demolished and removed over 9,500 tons of debris from site.
  • Demolished, packaged and shipped over
Conn Yankee D&D 
  • DEMCO was contracted by Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company to provide its specialized expertise in the decommissioning & demolition of the contaminated and uncontaminated systems, components and buildings at the Connecticut Yankee Power Plant.
  • DEMCO constructed a 70' high -
D&D of Trojan Power Plant 
  • Provided specialized expertise in the decommissioning & demolition of the uncontaminated systems, components and structures at the former Trojan Power Plant.
  • Performed full asbestos abatement work on all structures demolished, including approximately 58,000 pounds of ACM and 86,500
Green Mountain Wind Farm Turbine Demolition 
  • Complete demolition of eight 180 feet tall wind turbines, and two 200 feet tall MET Towers.
  • Demolition and size reduction of over 750 CY of concrete debris.
  • Transportation and recycling of approximately 1,450 tons of steel.
  • Collection and disposal of approximately
Oxbow Mining - Elk Creek Mine Demolition 
  • Performed complete demolition of all above grade structures including silos and conveyors.
  • Salvaged over 2,000 feet of conveyor systems for reutilization.
  • Removed all concrete foundations to 5 feet below grade.

  • Recycled over 12,000 yards of concrete and 3,000 tons
Rocky Flats 771/774 Building 
D&D of 771/774 Complex Plutonium Production Facility Building, formerly known as The Most Dangerous Building in the Free World
  • Decontaminate and strip out of process support systems, safety systems, utilities, equipment, piping, electrical systems, interior partitions, CMU walls, and
Buffalo Memorial Auditorium 
  • Contracted to safely demolish the 150,000 square foot, 98 foot high municipal arena.
  • Removed 16,000 seats, and performed the architectural salvage of the north facade, including match marking and crating, as mementos for the City of Buffalo.
  • Utilized asbestos abatement
D&D of 779 Cluster Plutonium Storage & Process 
  • DEMCO successfully performed decontamination operations and safely demolished the 50,000 square foot, 2-story plutonium production building, along with its various smaller support buildings. DEMCO sorted, segregated, sized and transported, on-site, over 200 ton of RAD contaminated debris
General Mills Rooftop Conveyor Dismantlement 
  • Removal of rooftop conveyor system from the top of 160 high operational grain processing facility, utilizing three 250-ton hydraulic cranes.
  • Dismantlement of rooftop 4-story Lofton Leg Building.
  • Dismantlement of Conveyor Building which hung over truck loading
Prairie Creek Power Station 
  • DEMCO assisted Alliant, Tellus, and WGI with the rebuild and recommissioning of the flood damaged Prairie Creek Power Station. Damaged in the June 2008 flooding of the Iowa River, the Prairie Creek Power Station provides industrial steam and almost 250 mega watts of electrical
GM Foundry 
  • Performed 90% of contract utilizing own forces.
  • 60,952 Man-hours performed without a lost time accident.
  • Completed 300,000 square feet foundry demolition within 60 days.
  • Performed demolition operations in supplied air, due to PCB and heavy metal
Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station Unit 1 
DEMCO was awarded a contract to provide I&C and AOV Technician Support Services for Unit 1 N1R20 Outage. DEMCO was required to perform the following services:
  • Perform maintenance, repair, calibration, testing, inspection, troubleshooting & evaluation on plant equipment.
  • Repair I&C
Beaumont Hotel Implosion 
  • Prepared 13-story hotel building for implosion by drilling over 750 holes into reinforced concrete holes.
  • 336 pounds of explosives were placed and the building was demolished within 7 seconds.
  • Coordinated and implemented the Project Safety Implosion Plan with city, police
Princeton Generator Maintenance & Repair 
DEMCO provided all routine maintenance and emergency repair services for Princeton University's D-Site Motor Generator Systems. Loacted at the United States Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, the Motor Generator Units provide power to various Fusion Test Reactor projects.
Former Consolidated Edison Building Demolition 
  • Performed hand demolition of 6-story 155,000 square foot building, no mechanical demolition allowed on structure.
  • Engineered and performed over 500 lifts comprised of 8 x 22 flooring sections, which were lowered to the ground by a 150 hydraulic crane and placed on trailers for
Idaho National Lab 
  • Explosive demolition of upper containment dome and polar crane in a radioactive environment.
  • Mechanical demolition of containment dome walls.
  • Demolition of 4 foot thick railroad shield door.
  • Size reduction of over 800 ton of steel, which was transported to the
Seabrook Station 
  • DEMCO provided senior project management for the $130,000,000 Switchyard Upgrade Project.
  • DEMCO also provided electrical and mechanical planning support to the Turbine Services Group on various projects at the facility.
  • Instrument and control technicians and supervisors were
Witherspoon Site 
  • The 901 David Witherspoon Site, a Tennessee Superfund Site, was utilized over a 40-year period for the processing of scrap metals contaminated with radioisotopes, asbestos, and various chemical dioxins.
  • Characterization, sampling, abatement, radiologically survey, decontamination,
Miami Orange Bowl Stadium Demolition 
  • Hazardous materials abatement and demolition of the 72,000 seat capacity steel, concrete sports stadium.
  • Asbestos abatement included over 6,000 square foot of VAT, 4,000 square feet of sprayed on acoustical plaster and 10,000 square foot of cementitious decking
Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Station 
  • Construction of twenty five foot high containment tent, which will be utilized as a control point for Rad surveys and access to the reactor core.
  • Lead abatement on polar crane, in strategic locations, to allow for hot cutting on structural steel.
  • Construction and maintenance
St. Lucie Nuclear Generating Station 
  • DEMCO provided support to the Turbine Services Group on various projects at the facility.
  • DEMCO team members were an important part of the system wide FPL Engineered Power Uprate Program.
  • DEMCO provided and coordinated the planning, scheduling, and project control activities
Molsons Brewery Demolition 
  • Contracted to perform the abatement and demolition of the Molson Brewery, Edmonton, Alberta site, under stringent guidelines and work practices to ensure public safety and awareness, due to the fact that the facility is located in a residential neighborhood.
  • Work crews overcame
Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant D&D 
  • As a result of the privatization of the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant remediation and redevelopment project DEMCO committed to an accelerated cleanup at a scale not previously attainable by the Army. DEMCO accepted responsibility for implementation of concurrent and coordinated explosive
White Oak Dam Modifications 
  • Project involved modifications to White Oak Dam to bring the embankment into compliance with Tennessee dam safety regulations. The following modifications were implemented by DEMCO through this scope including: grouting the box culvert under the southern end of the embankment, reducing the
NYSDEC Tire Abatement 
  • Provided complete tire shredding and closed loop wash system to achieve NYSDOT specification GCP-19.
  • Constructed onsite scale system to weigh all processed materials.
  • Shredded over 700,000 tires.
  • Shredded and processed 6,500 ton of NYSDOT approved shreds for
Oak Ridge Tasks 
  • Five year option contract to supply D&D throughout the Oak Ridge Nuclear Reservation, Inc, K25 Plant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Y-12 National Security Complex.
  • Decontamination and demolition of Old Hydro Fracture Facility (OHF), and associated out buildings.
Palace Casino 
  • Removal of all hazardous materials from casino barge to eliminate any potential for contamination of water.
  • Placed rabidity screen and oil boom around the entire barge to prevent any contamination of water.
  • HVAC and restaurant equipment were salvaged from the casino barge,
Westinghouse Demolition of Powerhouse 284F 
  • DEMCO, Inc. successfully performed the D&D of two 3,000 ton steel boilers, from within a secured area. This project also required DEMCO to remove over 3,000 linear feet of asbestos containing pipe lagging and 4,000 square feet of ACM Magnesium block. In addition, DEMCO utilized its
Fernald Plant 5 Complex D&D 
  • Decontamination and free release of 60,000 sf uranium metals production plant, which generated over 2,000 ton of scrap steel.
  • Demolition of Plant 5, including the segregation of all waste streams, and loading for shipment the following: RAD contaminated PCB oils, Capacitors, oils,
Robertshaw Facility 
  • Removed all universal waste, prior to the commencement of demolition operations.
  • Mechanical demolition of 490,000 square foot manufacturing complex.
  • Salvaged and recycled over 500 ton of steel.
  • Loaded and hauled off site over 30,000 cubic yards of C&D debris for
McGuire Nuclear Steam Generator Retirement 
  • DEMCO was contracted to perform the welding, thermal cutting & segmentation of eight steam generators at McGuire Nuclear Station in preparation for offsite shipment to a disposal facility.
  • Project activities are concentrated into 5 major categories:
    1) Mechanical Cutting
Souris Hospital Demolition 
  • Abatement of the following asbestos containing material:
    30, 000 Pipe Insulation
    75,000 SF Floor Tile
    20,000 SF Roofing
    5,000 Elbows & Fittings
    Boilers & Boiler Stack Insulation
  • Removal and disposal of all PCB materials.
  • Demolition of concrete, brick and
Chillum Compressor Station Demolition 
  • Removed asbestos containing materials from 2 boilers and associated utility piping.
  • Performed lead paint, PCB & hydrocarbon decontamination from inside the structure.
  • Systematically removed 8 Clark compressors, utilizing torch cutting operations and engineered
DuPont - Belle 
  • Dismantlement of precipitator with breeching connected to an operating Power House.
  • Performed work over live pipe racks, utilizing a 175-ton hydraulic crane and 131 manlift.
  • Performed confined space work while dismantling the precipitator breeching.
  • Dismantled coal
DuPont Martinsville 
  • Complete demolition of 1.3 million square foot nylon polymer production site.
  • Removed 1,507 tons of ACM.
  • Removed all environmental hazards, including oils, mercury & ballasts.
  • Successfully dropped a 50-ton water tower between two operating buildings.
  • Worked
Kodak Park 
  • Performed 100% of project utilizing own forces.
  • 86,500 man-hours performed without a lost time accident.
  • Performed demolition operations in PPE, due to silver nitrate contamination.
  • Performed numerous engineered lifts utilizing 150-ton hydraulic
Southwest Brooklyn Incinerator Demolitio 
  • Decommissioned electro-static precipitators, gas conducting towers, four incinerator furnaces, and all ancillary equipment, which were contaminated with PCBs, heavy metals, petroleum compounds and asbestos.
  • Demolished 50,000 square foot incinerator building.
  • Demolished two
  • Demolition of blending and packaging facility.
  • Demolition of tank farm area 27 tanks and associated piping.
  • Sorted, processed and loaded out all T/A scrap.
  • Demolition of SRU tank.
  • Demolition of equipment laydown area.
  • Demolition of two rail tank
  • Abatement and demolition of 400,000 square foot steel frame structure./li>
  • Abatement of 300,000 square feet of ACM roofing and window caulk.
  • Demolished structure utilizing PC400s equipped with grapple, shear and hydraulic hammer attachments.
  • Generated and disposed of