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Conn Yankee D&D 
  • DEMCO was contracted by Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company to provide its specialized expertise in the decommissioning & demolition of the contaminated and uncontaminated systems, components and buildings at the Connecticut Yankee Power Plant.
  • DEMCO constructed a 70' high -
D&D of Trojan Power Plant 
  • Provided specialized expertise in the decommissioning & demolition of the uncontaminated systems, components and structures at the former Trojan Power Plant.
  • Performed full asbestos abatement work on all structures demolished, including approximately 58,000 pounds of ACM and 86,500
Green Mountain Wind Farm Turbine Demolition 
  • Complete demolition of eight 180 feet tall wind turbines, and two 200 feet tall MET Towers.
  • Demolition and size reduction of over 750 CY of concrete debris.
  • Transportation and recycling of approximately 1,450 tons of steel.
  • Collection and disposal of approximately
Oxbow Mining - Elk Creek Mine Demolition 
  • Performed complete demolition of all above grade structures including silos and conveyors.
  • Salvaged over 2,000 feet of conveyor systems for reutilization.
  • Removed all concrete foundations to 5 feet below grade.

  • Recycled over 12,000 yards of concrete and 3,000 tons