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Ford DAP D&D

  • Performed abatement oversight for 40,000 linear feet of pipe insulation, 10,000 square feet of duct insulation and 30,000 square feet of VAT and tank insulation.
  • Removed all universal and hazardous wastes, including PCBs, ballasts and mercury switches.
  • Removed and disposal of over 150,000 square feet of wood blocking.
  • Sampled, performed analysis, removal & disposal of approximately 500,000 gallons of pit liquids.
  • Removed 8 substations as TSCA waste.
  • Environmental draining of all plant process piping, including all paint lines.
  • Placement of over 3,000 cubic yards of flowable fill into pits and trenches.
  • Dismantlement and demolition of the 1,300,000 square foot concrete and steel structure.
  • Recycled of 20,000 ton of scrap steel.
  • Performed over 100,000 manhours with zero safety incidents.
  • Disposal of 40,000 cubic yards of non-hazardous debris.
  • Developed site specific Work Plans, Health & Safety Plan, Hazard Assessment Plan, and Asbestos Abatement Plan.