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Conn Yankee D&D

  • DEMCO was contracted by Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company to provide its specialized expertise in the decommissioning & demolition of the contaminated and uncontaminated systems, components and buildings at the Connecticut Yankee Power Plant.
  • DEMCO constructed a 70' high - 10,000 saquare foot containment, which was utilized to contain contamination during the removal of process tanks, concrete pads & soil. After completing the removal of commodities inside the tented area, the area became a size reduction facility, where contaminated equipment from other areas within the plant were compacted and size reduced
  • DEMCO is to abated 66,000 pounds of ACM and 89,500 pounds of Galbestos siding. DEMCO’s ACM methodology and controls were reviewed and commended by third party organizations. These methods included; interior intact, interior enclosure, exterior intact, exterior non-intact, and glove bag.
  • DEMCO regularly performed surface decontamination for ACM, PCB, and other hazardous materials as part of the overall demolition program. The technologies used included enclosed mechanical scarification (needle gun), or open-air scarification (needle gun with vacuum attachment).
  • DEMCO developed and obtained approval for flame cutting of PCB painted metal < 50ppm, which it will utilize to remediate 5,000 square feet of PCB contaminated surfaces.

  • DEMCO was required to collect, manage and treat approximately 2,500,000 gallons of groundwater during the contaminated radioactive soil removal project surrounding the demolition project. DEMCO collected all ground water utilizing pumps and well points for storage within 20,000 gallon holding tanks; performed sampling and analysis; treatment through a resin bed system for the removal of heavy metals and PCB’s; and final treatment through an evaporator system for the removal of radioactive contaminates. Prior to final discharge; all treated liquids underwent final confirmatory sampling by 2 NRC approval laboratories.

  • The Diesel Generator Building, Turbine Building, and Administration Building were demolished utilizing selective conventional demolition methods to reduce the impact on surrounding unreleased structures, including a communications facility. These conventional methods included utilizing hydraulic excavators, equipped with specialized attachments, ie., hammer, grapple, & shear, and a crane equipped with a wrecking ball to safely execute these demolition operations.
  • DEMCO demolished and disposed of; 11,199,629 pounds of metal, and 81,076,663 pounds of concrete debris generated by the on-site demolition operations.
  • The on-site team performed work in a safe manner, minimizing exposure, and without lost time incident. The Client has further remarked that even with the advent of unforseens, DEMCO has completed work on schedule and under estimated RAD budget.
  • DEMCO operated under 2 Labor Agreements on site; D&D Agreement and GPPMA, which are applied based on the work being performed. This exemplifies DEMCO’s ability to define and control the work.
  • DEMCO performed work on site without a lost time incident and contributed to the 5,000,000 man-hour milestone without a lost time.